Absentee Voting

2020 Voting Options

During the August Primary and November General elections in 2020, Missouri voters will be eligible to cast ballots by mail with notarization of the ballot envelope, and voters in at-risk categories for contracting or transmitting COVID-19 are eligible to vote by absentee ballot without obtaining notarization. A two-page summary of your options is linked below, and links to the revised absentee application and mail-in ballot application are available below.

For the April  6, 2021 General Municipal ,

Absentee Voting BEGINS February 23, 2021

Randolph County Clerk's Office

Will Ellis

The Randolph County Clerk's Office is a government entity located in, the newly renovated, Randolph County Court House located in Huntsville, MO. The Court House is also home to the Randolph County Offices. Will Ellis is proudly serving his third term as the Randolph County Clerk.

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