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Will Ellis Addresses the General Public

Randolph County Clerk Will Ellis says there doesn’t seem to be a good way to increase voter turnout.

Howard County Clerk Kathyrne Harper says young people today want more access to voting. 

The major focus for Randolph County officials early in the new year will be completing work on the 2019 budget. County Clerk Will Ellis says preliminary work has been taking place.

Ellis says putting the budget together needs to be a team effort.

Harper has made a couple of trips representing the U.S. State Department to observe elections in other countries.

The budget needs to be formally approved by the county commission.

Ellis is anticipating a turnout of under 10 percent during the April election.

Randolph County elected officials voted down a proposed increase to their base salaries. County Clerk Will Ellis says the vote took place during a meeting of the Salary Commission, following a measure the general assembly approved.

But the Randolph County elected officials voted not to increase their base salaries.

Ellis notes how county salaries compare to what the officials could make in the private sector.

The vote of the salary commissioner took place Tuesday morning.

Randolph County officials are working on the new budget, while keeping a close eye on how the current year will finish. Randolph County Clerk Will Ellis…

Ellis says they are already face one challenge.

The potential increase is a significant one for health insurance.

The Randolph County Commission is expected to approve the new budget in January.

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Randolph County’s ‘Mobile Election Center’ wins MAC County Achievement Award

Posted Jan 26, 2017

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Mo. — Randolph County was recently recognized for a 2016 project at the Missouri Association of Counties' annual conference held in late November in Osage Beach, Missouri.

A "Mobile Election Center," fashioned from an ambulance donated to the county by the Randolph County Ambulance District, earned Randolph County the MAC County Achievement Award at the conference.

The mobile voting unit is meant to ensure that voters are able to cast ballots when regular voting sites are unavailable. After identifying the problem of meeting voters' needs, Randolph County Clerk Will Ellis determined that having a mobile unit could enable county officials to swiftly and efficiently move to voting sites that are inoperable.

The Randolph County Ambulance District replaces its large truck ambulances on a regular schedule, and the retired units don't have considerable resale value.

"Ambulances are purchased with public funds, so acquiring an ambulance with its on-board independent power generator from the ambulance district was both simple and relatively inexpensive," according to a news release from the MAC. "In this case for Randolph County, the ambulance district gave a surplus ambulance to the county."

Officials commissioned modifications to the interior to transform the ambulance into a mobile voting unit, and the exterior got a red, white and blue paint job, as well as a blue background with an American flag and an eagle.

The identification on the vehicle was changed to identify it as a mobile voting unit.

A relatively small portion of funds that had been allocated to the county clerk's office for miscellaneous expenses went toward the project. In addition, county officials applied for a government grant that went toward the modifications to the vehicle's exterior.

MAC praised the project for not relying on additional taxpayer funds for the project.

"An old vehicle that was about to be surplus scrap was revitalized to a new, value-adding purpose," according to the organization in a news release. "The initial investment for the vehicle will be spread out for several years more, increasing the value, and for the original purchase price Randolph County has the ability to safeguard elections by providing a mobile voting unit to voting locations that for any reason are unable to provide service during the election process."

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Randolph County Officials Sworn in at New Administrative Building

Posted January 15th,2019

HUNTSVILLE, Mo. — Randolph County Clerk Will Ellis conducted a swearing in ceremony, held in the newly constructed county administration building connected to the Randolph County Justice Center, Monday, December 31st 2018 for Randolph County incumbents and newly elected officials.

Randolph County Clerk's Office

Will Ellis

The Randolph County Clerk's Office is a government entity located in, the newly renovated, Randolph County Court House located in Huntsville, MO. The Court House is also home to the Randolph County Offices. Will Ellis is proudly serving his third term as the Randolph County Clerk.

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Michelle Chapman

Sworn in as the Circuit Clerk.